Xergy Currently Developing Greener HVAC Systems

Bamdad Bahar is the founder of Xergy. Xergy is a Seaford startup that is working to find a way to make greener HVAC systems for homes and businesses. Their goal is to find a way to convert the membrane technology used in fuel cells for climate control purposes. As a result, modern HVAC systems will be more environmentally friendly. Says Bahar of the project, “There are literally hundreds of applications for this membrane technology in everything from electronics to industrial to medical. But right now refrigeration and air conditioning is our main focus.” But what does this technology entail? How is it different from traditional HVAC technology? And how is Xergy currently developing greener HVAC systems to use on a larger, nationwide scale?

Xergy Currently Developing Greener HVAC Systems

Vapor Compression

Most air conditioners and coolers run on vapor compressors that convert “refrigerants” from liquid to solid and then back again. These refrigerants, or substances, absorb heat and carry it away by either air or water. While this technology is effective and does work, it requires an extensive amount of energy to do so. Residential and commercial properties use 40% of their energy consumption on HVAC technology, according to the US Department of Energy. In addition to standard HVAC systems, HFCs (hydroflourocarbons) are also used in most household appliances. HFCs are man-made substances that have 1,000x the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.

Solid State Ion-Exchange Membrane Technology

The US and 170 other countries made a deal in October to end the use of all HFC technology worldwide by 2045. As a result, technologies being developed by companies like Xergy are gaining more momentum. Xergy is developing solid state ion-exchange membrane technology (SIEM) as one possible alternative to HFCs. SIEM uses an electromechanical hydrogen compressor that’s up to 20% more energy efficient than HFCs. It is also noiseless, and much safer for the environment.

Other Home Appliance Uses

Xergy is already pushing its new technology into the market for small home appliances. Included is a line of micro-climate devices, as well as air conditioning and hot water heaters, desalination applications, and water purification. Implementing the new technology into the current market to make it competitive enough to price, but also produce a sufficient ROI is now the biggest challenge. To learn more about Xergy and their efforts to revolutionize HVAC technology, read the full article here.

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