At Corporate Mechanical we understand our employees are our most important assets. This is why we have such a stringent safety program. We strive for the highest safety standards on all our projects. We believe that safety does not occur by chance; it is the result of careful attention to all company operations by those directly involved. We encourage employees to constantly evaluate their tasks and working conditions and decide if work can be completed safely. If no is the answer, we encourage them to stop work and notify their supervisor of the resources needed to continue work safely.

Corporate Mechanical believes that all construction injuries and incidents are preventable. This is why we have instilled a stringent safety program to allow us to reach this goal by concentrating on the following key attributes.

  • A commitment to provide any and all resources necessary to achieve an incident free environment including personnel, equipment and procedures.
  • An environment that embraces safety as a value at all levels.
  • Training of new-hires and continued training and development of all employees.
  • Adherence to a safety violation policy for continued training and development of all employees.
  • A well-defined, written safety program that is fully implemented.
  • Encouraging and recognizing employees to share near misses, lessons learned and other ides to improve our program.

Corporate Mechanical requests and welcomes any and all suggestions that will eliminate risk of injury or incident risk of injury or incident to our employees, our customer’s personnel, the public and project facilities.

We value our employees, it’s worth the time and energy to ensure we have done all we can to get it right. The safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority.

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