Wintertime HVAC Emergencies

Wintertime can cause many problems for your building’s HVAC system, however, HVAC emergencies can happen any time of the year. The fact of the matter is, these problems tend to be more common during the winter months. Your building may need emergency HVAC repair services if the following issues happen.

Heat Pump Failure

While these tend to occur in residential buildings, failing heat pumps can happen in commercial buildings. Heat pumps efficiently provide solutions to heating, but they need to be repaired as soon as possible when a problem occurs. Common problems are damaged heating elements, damaged electrical components, and low refrigerant levels.

Furnace Issues

Furnaces can also cause system-wide heating problems, but these are typically due to pilot light or other heating elements. Failing pilot light and ignition are common occurrences, however, electrical problems can be to blame. When furnaces fail, this can lead to freezing pipes.

Blower Issues

When the HVAC’s blowers go out, it can lead to inadequate heating. This can be a nuisance during the winter months. Some repairs that may need to be done are, motor fixed, replacing bushings, blower fan repair. A blower motor should be repaired as it can cause the heat to not spread to all parts of the building.

Hazards With Dysfunctioning HVACs

There is a potential for a carbon monoxide leak during the colder months. Other common wintertime HVAC emergency hazards are damage to electrical wiring and gas furnace leaks. These issues should not be taken lightly. You want to make sure you get a professional HVAC specialist to check your equipment as soon as possible for an emergency repair.

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