What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential HVAC?

Residential and commercial HVACs provide the same purpose for their respective buildings, however, the systems are vastly different from one another. Here are the biggest differences between the two.

Commercial HVAC is Larger

The biggest difference is the size. Residential HVAC systems are much smaller than that of commercial sites. Commercials systems also operate differently, as they have different components, such as compressor, evaporates, condenser fans, and thermostats. Residential units rely on less power to operate, as there are likely less people coming in and out of a residential home.

They Both Have Different Locations

In residential homes, the HVAC system is usually in the backyard or along the side of the house. Commercial units, however, tend to be located in a “swamp cooler” or on a building’s roof. Putting a commercial HVAC system on the roof is a great solution to saving space. This also helps with prevent noise pollution, due to the HVAC system’s ability to generate loud noise.

Commercial HVAC are Much More Complex

Due to the sheer size difference between the two, the structure is much different. Commercial systems require more adaptability, due to each and every business’s unique building structure. They also typically serve many more people than residential ones do. The drainage system is one of the most notable differences. In commercial HVAC systems, multiple pans and pipes are used to ensure the drainage is completely evaporated.

Commercial HVAC Has a Higher Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a commercial HVAC system is much more than single residential units. This is due to all of the differences listed above, such as size and complexity. Commercial HVAC systems require highly skilled technicians to work on, as they also need to be professionally installed. You should never attempt to repair an HVAC system yourself.

Both residential and commercial HVAC systems serve the same purpose, however they are completely different machines.To ensure that your HVAC system (commercial or residential) is performing its best, make sure you are always getting routine checkups.

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