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Wearable technology like smart watches, glasses, and cameras are huge in law enforcement, construction, and even sports and action/adventure-based fields. But in 2017, it is also breaking into new fields most people might not have ever considered before. One such field is the HVAC industry. Several companies across the United States have already begun implementing wearable technology as part of their technicians’ standard equipment. As a result, contractors can share and review their work with consumers and utilize the recordings for educational and training purposes. But that’s not the only reason wearable technology is becoming popular in the HVAC industry in 2017.

Wearable Technology Is Becoming Popular in the HVAC Industry


Smart, wearable technology like glasses and watches are assisting HVAC contractors with troubleshooting mechanical faults. As a result, repair and maintenance services are much simpler and more assured. For example, smart glasses can record the technician’s actions and stream it live. At the same time, a backup technician can follow his progress and make recommendations based on his/her own knowledge and experience. This insures a proper repair is conducted on behalf of the contracting company, and gives the customer peace of mind.

An Old Concept

Technology in industry is not necessarily a new concept. GoPros and drones are, in today’s world, used regularly in industries like construction, video documentation, exploration, police and military surveillance, and even professional sports. As a matter of fact, the latter has been utilizing film as a training tool for years, and now HVAC contractors and commercial companies can do the same.

Already a Trend

According to XOEye Technologies, wearable technology is already a trend in the HVAC industry. The technology is already being implemented by businesses in states like North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. In addition, companies in states like California, Florida, Arizona, New York, Missouri, and Pennsylvania are currently running pilot programs to see if the technology benefits their business. For more on wearable technology in the HVAC industry, read the article at the News.

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