Tips for Office and Warehouse Air Conditioning

We all know it is tough in the summer to live in a home with no air conditioning. Sleeping can be difficult and uncomfortable, cooking makes it even hotter, and you probably do not want to snuggle with your kids or a significant other. What about work, though? It is important for workplaces to be kept comfortable as well, so keep staff and customers happy. Here is some advice regarding air conditioning in commercial settings.


With larger spaces holding more people, the unit at your office or warehouse should have more capacity than a residential unit. People, plus machinery, combine to heat up the property, so you need to have the power to cool everything down.

Evaporative System

In a factory or any large commercial space, there are extra challenges when it comes to cooling them down. An evaporative air conditioner might be a good option. They use less energy than traditional air conditioners, which means they’re cheaper to run. They are very good at cooling large factory settings with lots of hot machinery, as well.


Speaking of machinery, you would be surprised at how much they can add heat to a building. And it is not just large factory machines, either. Computers, printers, and photocopiers will also give off heat and make any office hotter. When you’re getting a quote for air conditioning, make sure to notify the contractor how much machinery you have, so they can get a good gauge on how much capacity you’ll need.

Keep Everyone Happy

There is no doubt that productivity can suffer if a workplace is not property air conditioned. Instead of working, staff will be fanning themselves, talking to each other about the heat, and generally being distracted by their discomfort. Also, if you have an office or a shop where clients come in to see you, then they may not come back if they were not comfortable. The important thing is setting your thermostat so there is a good balance between too cold and still hot. You’ll have staff and clients that have different comfort levels, so it is important to try to please everyone as best you can.

It is important for any workplace to provide a comfortable space for both workers and clients. Use these tips to keep productivity and comfort at high levels.

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