The Dangers of Neglected Heating Systems

Many homeowners fail to or forget to maintain their home’s heating system regularly. This can be potentially dangerous and lead to costly repairs. HVAC technicians can perform routine maintenance to ensure its optimal performance. Most of the time homeowners don’t even think of using this service until something goes wrong. The trouble with this type of plan is there are dangers of neglected heating systems that could potentially be fatal if left unattended.

The Dangers of Neglected Heating Systems

Regular HVAC maintenance can potentially save homeowners expensive repair or replacement costs in the future. If a furnace or home heating system isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, it cannot work properly. Changing its filter regularly as well as cleaning all the running parts are just part of a regular maintenance routine. Also, if the furnace isn’t maintained properly, it voids out any warranty homeowners may have with the manufacturers meaning you’re out of luck.

One main part of a maintenance check is with the chimney and flue. During this check, a HVAC tech is looking for obstructions or leaks that would allow carbon monoxide into the home. Ventilation issues can lead to infiltration of this deadly gas and cause common illnesses and potentially dangerous health conditions.

The reason for this rise in carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States is because in order to save energy costs, more and more homeowners are making their home airtight. This means there is less fresh air coming into the house. Furnaces and heating systems in general rely on oxygen in order to burn fuel and if it becomes deprived of this, it will produce carbon monoxide. When carbon monoxide is released into a home, it can slowly poison those inside.

Regular maintenance check-ups are important for the long-term performance of your heating system as well as your family’s health.

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