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Corporate Mechanical is a commercial cooling contractor serving Minnesota. Contact us online or call us at 763-533-3070 if you have a faulty cooling system or wish to install a new one.

With the winter in full swing, chances are you have not given much thought to your summer air conditioning needs. It is also possible that you did not bother to have your unit inspected last fall before the temperature started to cool. As we come closer to the spring season, it is important that you begin thinking about your old commercial cooling system and whether or not it will last you the whole season. That is where Corporate Mechanical comes in.

Our Commercial Cooling Services Include:

Corporate Mechanical handles all of your commercial cooling needs, including air conditioner repair, maintenance and replacement. We are dedicated to getting you the highest quality products with the best customer service experience available. Our staff members have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience behind them and work hard to ensure that you get the most professional service possible. Call us today at 763-533-3070 to schedule an inspection.

Our expert HVAC cooling services contractors specialize in all kinds of commercial cooling units, including rooftop units, central air systems, or even ductless split systems.

If you have suspected problems with your system, contact us right away for an immediate inspection. We can diagnose the problem and provide you with recommendations on how to fix the issue and whether or not it warrants a replacement.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your HVAC cooling system can save you a headaches, breakdowns and financial stress down the road. Having the system checked on a regular basis ensures the system stays running efficiently so that you save more on your energy bills.

The Minnesota HVAC experts at Corporate Mechanical are here to help. We can provide you with regular routine inspections to determine potential future problems and ensure an efficient, long-lasting system. Regular maintenance also means less inconvenience for your customers and a better workplace for your employees, giving you both a comfortable environment for your business and peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of expert service.

Are you look for a Minnesota cooling contractor? Don’t let the intense summer heat of the Twin Cities affect your business’s productivity and employee well-being. There is never a bad time to prepare your business for the months ahead. Do not let yourself get stressed by putting off an inspection. Let us do the worrying. We can handle any kind of problem imaginable from frozen equipment to clogs and leaks. Call us today at 763-533-3070 to discuss your questions and-or concerns with one of our friendly, professional representatives.

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