Commercial Heating

Commercial Heating Services

At Corporate Mechanical, we understand that keeping your customers comfortable inside your business is critical to sales success. Of course in a place like Minnesota, there are full seasons when you need a system to keep your business warm. The highly trained, knowledgeable technicians at Corporate Mechanical provide a full range of commercial heating services, including:

  • Heating system installation
  • Heating system repair
  • Heating system maintenance

We know that you probably use your air conditioning system far more than your heat. Even so, your heating system will eventually need repair. The professionals at Corporate Mechanical have the experience and skill to respond to a variety of commercial heating issues, including these common problems:

Insufficient or No Heat: There could be a range of issues causing your heat to stop, from a clogged filter to an extinguished pilot light. Corporate Mechanical technicians will be able to accurately diagnose and repair the problems, regardless of their source.

Strange Noises: If you begin to hear audible problems in your heating system, you should call Corporate Mechanical right away. Most often, noises come from faulty fan belts, but it could also be fuel trapped in the combustion chamber.

Air Filter Issues: Heating systems have several filters and without regular servicing, they can become clogged, restricting the amount of air flowing into your organization’s HVAC system. This can not only reduce the effectiveness of your heating system, but also drive up utility costs as your system burns more energy trying to heat your commercial property.

The idea of saving money by servicing their own heating system can be tempting to many business owners. However, commercial heating system repair or installation should be left to professional technicians. The experienced staff at Corporate Mechanical will be able to make sure your repairs are done properly with the right material and techniques. Having a job done right the first time will save you money on future repairs and lower your utility costs. Professionals are able to finish jobs quickly so that you can resume business as usual faster.

Hiring professionals will also allow you to consult with them regarding the best system for your business. The educated technicians at Corporate Mechanical are familiar with a variety of heating systems and commercial spaces. This means that we will be able to help you choose the best system for your business needs, making sure you have adequate climate control without an excessive energy bill.


If your business needs to replace or repair your current commercial heating system, contact Corporate Mechanical online or call 763-533-3070 for an estimate and consultation.

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