How To Protect Your HVAC System During a Hurricane

From the recent hurricane activity over the summer, it should be obvious to anyone that hurricanes can cause a massive amount of damage. When it comes to protecting your home, it’s always best to be prepared well before a hurricane strike is imminent. This includes protecting your HVAC system from the elements. Your system can sustain massive damage in several ways from a hurricane. Here’s how to protect it.

Disconnect The Power

If you air condition your home through window units, then make sure to disconnect the power. Also, you should remove them completely from the window. The high winds could end up blowing the units into your home and causing damage and injury.

Put a Cover On Your HVAC Unit

If you don’t use window units, then you’ll need to protect your outdoor unit as well. It can’t be moved indoors, so a simple tarp that covers the entire unit should work just fine. You will need to strap it down securely, however, so it doesn’t blow away. The tarp will help protect it from the elements, as well as from any flying debris. While you won’t be moving it, you should also try to anchor the unit in place. It may be too heavy for you, but it might not be too heavy for the hurricane. You can purchase straps that have been specifically designed to anchor your HVAC unit in place.

Get Surge Protection

A big part of hurricanes is the amount of lightning that comes with them. If your home gets hit and has a power surge, your HVAC system could be destroyed, along with any number of other appliances. You can purchase a surge protector that will ensure that everything in your home is protected. It’s also wise to switch off breakers to the thermostat and the HVAC unit until the storm passes.

Inspect Your Yard

While a tarp will provide some protection, it won’t defend well against certain things. Inspect your yard for lawn equipment, toys, large branches, and other objects that can be swept up in the wind.

Do not be caught flat-footed when a hurricane strikes. Make sure to take every precaution to protect your HVAC system.

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