What New Technology is Changing the HVAC Industry?

We live in a world where we are becoming more connected all the time. We can contact whoever we want from a device we keep in our pocket, and access any information we need using that same device. Our homes are no different. More and more products are coming to the marketplace to help us be connected to, and automate, our home lives like never before. Should HVAC contractors be selling these products along with traditional ones, or leave that to the larger companies and big box stores?

Fringe Items

“Fringe items” is the new buzz term for items that will help connect several aspects of your home. They include locks, sprinkler systems, and lighting systems, for example. For heating and cooling, there are many new options on the scene that contractors can potentially offer to their clients. However, the HVAC industry as a whole has not embraced this new technology in the same way that other industries have. It may be time for contractors to start training both themselves and their staff on new technologies, so they can start seeing the benefits. Once they see the benefits, they will be able to more effectively sell those products and services to their customers and improve their lives.

How it Could Be Successful

It seems that for many contractors, it is all or nothing. They have either embraced home automation, or ignored it completely. The latter group may end up being squeezed out. Selling fringe items means getting to know your clients, and finding out what their needs are. The best thing about new options and technologies is that there is more of an ability to customize, so there’s no reason a client canot get what they want. HVAC contractors are in a unique position when compared to contractors from other industries who are in the home automation game. They often already have paid memberships, and they visit clients’ homes several times a year in some cases. With that relationship comes trust.

Since the world is getting more connected, there’s no reason that the HVAC industry should not embrace the changes. Making clients’ lives easier and providing them with the service should be the primary goal.

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