A New Cooling Tower From SPX Cooling Technologies Is On The Way

The Marley AV line of cooling towers are getting a makeover. The popular single flow, factory assembled cooling towers are going to get a boost in power and some special features in a new redesign announced by SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Here is a rundown of what you need to know.


The new features include a new cross flow design that that will come in both single and multi-fan models. Plus it will have a flow rate of 117 to 1541 gpm, and a tonnage range from 122 to 772. Despite this, it will be even more energy efficient. It will be able to handle household air conditioning and refrigeration, but will also be able able to handle lighter industrial loads.

It will come standard with a bearing housing belt drive system. However, also available on some models will be the Marley Geareducer and motor outside airstream options. There are a plethora of other design and usage options, such as stainless steel basins, access doors, sweeper piping, and mechanical access doors as well. These are all features that will make inspecting and maintaining the tower much easier and safer. Along with this, the tower will also have a hot water basin guardrail system and a plenum walkway that’s slip-resistant. Safety and functionality are the calling cards of the redesign.

Also a part of the redesign will be the brand new, Markey Drift Eliminator, patent-pending. These will help the cooling towers get even an even lower drift rate, at .0005% of water flow. That means that the tower will retain water much better than previous models. Customers will also have a choice between quiet and ultra-quiet fan modes as well. The Cooling Technology Institute has fully certified the AV, so you can expect quality. This new product will be available around the world.

SPX Cooling Technologies is a worldwide leader in manufacturing cooling towers and other cooling equipment and accessories. They are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, from customer service to quality products.They have been innovators in the HVAC industry for more than 100 years.

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