Johnson Controls to Provide Rebates on HVAC Equipment For Hurricane Victims

At times of great devastation, it’s important for communities and countries to come together to help those in need. Johnson Controls is doing just that by offering discounts to homeowners in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. To qualify, residents must live within the designated disaster area as defined by FEMA. The rebates can be used towards the replacement of air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation equipment.

Which Products Qualify?

There are several products that qualify for the rebate, with ones that provide the best Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) offering the best rebates. The more efficient the product, the better. Certain products from Champion, Fraser, Cole, Luxaire, Johnston, Guardian, and Evcon qualify. For air conditioners, if they have a SEER of 20, there is a $250 rebate. It’s $200 for an 18 rating, $150 for 16/17, and $100 for 14. For furnaces, there is a $150 rebate for 90% AFUE models, and $75 for 80% AFUE.

How To Apply

To apply for the rebate, homeowners or Johnson Controls employees can visit, or call (855)324-3650. The rebates cannot be used with other rebate offers, but fortunately they can apply retroactively. At the same website, homeowners will find a locater to find certified dealers in their area to make sure that they have a trusted source for their new equipment.

Other Initiatives

Johnson Controls also encourages everyone to donate to the Red Cross to help the recovery effort. The company already donates $500,000 every year to the charity, but have a spot on the site to donate. They’ve also set up a Harvey Relief Fund for employees who have fallen victim to the hurricane. Johnson Controls will match all donations to the fund as well. They have also created a team within the company to help with a strategy to meet the needs of affected employees.

Johnson Controls has stated that its prime concern is with the health and the needs of its employees. With the rebate initiative, and the relief fund for employees, they are showing that everyone must come together to help when disaster strikes.

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