Higher Energy Bills Expected With Longer Winter ’16-’17 Season

Americans living from the east coast to the central plains should prepare for a long winter this year. Information released by ACCUWeather and the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicate we will have the coldest winter in years. By contrast, the southern portion of the country can expect a warmer and drier winter for 2016-2017. In addition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects temperatures to be much colder than last winter. With the temperatures expected to be the lowest since 2010, HVAC contractors are making sure people’s heating systems are ready. Whether you use gas, electricity, or oil, higher energy bills expected with longer winter weather are still hard on your checkbook. But just exactly how much can you expect to pay?

Higher Energy Bills Expected with Longer Winter

Temperature Differences

The NOAA expects temperatures that are 17% lower than last year in the midwest and northeast regions. In addition, the South can expect temperatures to be up to 18% colder. The West, however, will likely see temperatures 2% warmer on average than last winter. Says ACCUWeather meteorologist Evan Duffey, “This warmth will come to an end in January, which could be a big month for HVAC contractors as the jet stream changes and cold air spills into the eastern two-thirds of the nation. This even includes Florida, where we are concerned for a freeze this year, which is a very rare event for the Florida Peninsula.”

Higher Energy Costs

With the longer, colder winter expected this year, households and business spaces heated by natural gas are expected to reach $10.37 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf). That’s 11% higher than last winter, and the highest gas prices since the 2010-2011 winter season. In addition, homeowners using heating oil to heat their homes can expect to spend an average of 38% more this winter than last year. Electric heating will also increase by an average of 5% this winter.

Be Prepared

Don’t let the winter chill sneak up on you this year. Prepare your home and business for the colder weather now. Corporate Mechanical can help winterize your HVAC system. Call us today and ask about an inspection and winter HVAC services. With higher energy bills expected with longer winter weather this year, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Call today!

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