Why your heating bill is too high

As cooler weather approaches, you will eventually have to turn the heat on. While it is obvious that your heating bill will be higher in the Fall and Winter, sometimes it seems too high. Learn which factors can contribute to raising your bill, and some tips you can follow to prevent an outrageous monthly cost.

What are the main factors that contribute to high heating bills?

Change in seasons
The most obvious factor is the change in season. When it’s cold out, we want our home’s to be inviting and warm. Some people will end up dialing their thermostats too high temperatures to rapidly heat the home. If the change is too drastic, your furnace will work even harder, which will consume more energy.

Laundry machine
Surprisingly, another factor is your laundry machine. When it’s cold out, we wear extra layers and blankets. Naturally, our laundry room will be a bit busier, since it will require more washing. You might not realize it, but you probably will end up doing more laundry in the winter. This also contributes to higher utility bills.

Your home is poorly insulated
If you live in an older home, or if it doesn’t have proper insulation, you could be losing a lot of heat through leaks. This could be the main reason why your home never gets to the desired temperature you set on your thermostat, especially if you have it always running.

Your furnace isn’t functioning properly
If you’ve decided that none of the above are possible reasons, then it could, unfortunately, come down to the efficiency of your furnace. Old and outdated furnaces lose their power after quite some time, and if you don’t have regular maintenance on your furnace, its lifespan could be much shorter.

How to keep your heating bill low
Lowering your heating bill is much simpler than you’d expect. Here are the steps you can take to reduce the overall energy consumption in your home.

Lower your temperature
This sounds counterproductive in the cold, but in all reality, you will likely not notice a drop in a few degrees. Yet, the minor adjustment could save up to 10% of your heating cost.

Use a programmable thermostat
Regular thermostats cycle at every hour of the day, which means it can run when you’re asleep or not home. This is not very efficient. Programmable thermostats, however, can be set to your daily routines. If you’re not home, you can adjust it so your heater isn’t running and wasting energy. This can reduce the cost of your heating bill significantly.

Wear more layers
You can stay cozy and warm but bundling up indoors. While you have your thermostat set to a lower temperature, doing more laundry won’t have as much as a consequence on your bill. Find a cozy sweatshirt, or cuddle with your favorite blanket. These are great ways to keep yourself warm in your home, while still having a comfortable room temperature.

Have your furnace inspected
If you are actively implementing these steps, and are finding no solace, then it might be time to have your furnace inspected. You should have your furnace looked at yearly to ensure everything is in working condition. A professional HVAC company can do a quick checkup to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

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