Corporate Mechanical: Who We Are & What We Do

When it comes to energy conservation and HVAC services, we at Corporate Mechanical bring the most expert experience to the table. While designing and installing all different kinds of mechanical systems, such as piping, plumbing, water treatment, and ductwork, we are sure to be able to engineer the most energy efficient system for your company’s needs.

Our Expertise. We are not a great company all on our own. As our customers look to us to provide high quality services with integrity, we have to give credit to the 30+ licensed and certified technicians on our staff. It is our people that make Corporate Mechanical look good, because they provide superior products with strategic designs. We also back our installations by having our own in-house mechanical engineer. By keeping our engineering in-house, it also provides more cost-effectiveness than outsourcing it to another company. We hire all the best people in order to make our systems work well, and provide quality maintenance services from the best technicians as well. We understand the critical needs of our customers, so we make sure that we set high standards for ourselves in order to meet those needs by using the best minds in the business.

Our Energy Star Certified Products. By offering products that are Energy Star certified, you know that you have a product that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plus help you save money on energy bills. In order to meet the certification standards, each product must meet the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE energy efficiency guidelines. The Energy Star label can also be given to buildings that show high-energy conservation performance as well. So by using all Energy Star products, your building could receive this label that can give your company an upper-hand in the industry. By improving your business practices by reducing the impact on the environment, the whole world benefits.

We are proud at Corporate Mechanical to offer products and services the can help our customers stay committed to energy conservation and that want to be Energy Star recognized. These special Energy Star products can even get you rebates from Xcel Energy. By working with our Energy Rebate Specialists, we can help you find all of the rebates possible from your equipment, to help you not only save energy, but also save money.

Quick Xcel Energy Rebate Summary:

– Boiler, Cooling Efficiency
– Various Energy Conservation Programs
– Compressed Air
– Lighting & Heating
– Process Efficiency
– Efficiency Controls & Proposals

By choosing Corporate Mechanical for your commercial and industrial mechanical needs, you will have confidence that you will be able to get the most energy efficient system on the market. Our experts work hard to engineer high quality systems that will be Energy Star compliant. Keeping your energy usage and costs to a minimum not only helps your company but also the community.

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