Contractors Review the Benefits of Smart HVAC Technology

We live in a world of ever-changing technology. Almost everyone has a smart phone. Smart televisions and cars are available on the market. Not surprising, HVAC contractors are looking to the future of smart air and heating technology. Whether you’re a bit old-school or are all about new-age tech, smart technology is paving the way for the HVAC industry. As a result, contractors are reviewing the benefits of smart HVAC technology into the market. But how will this new technology affect your home or business?

Benefits of Smart HVAC Technology

Remote Controls

We’re not talking about the kind you point at the television until your finger cramps up. The number of households expected to add smart-technology to their homes by mid-2017 is up to 30 million in the United States. Why the sudden popularity? Business and home owners still want efficiency and reliability when it comes to installing HVAC technology. The appeal in smart HVAC technology lies in its ability to be controlled remotely.

Devices like iPhones, iPads, and thermostats with built-in Wi-Fi make this new technology that much more appealing. They allow for in-house temperature monitoring, remote access, built-in tutorial videos and demonstrations, and provide easy-to-use electronic display features. As a result, energy expenses go way down and your home becomes more energy-efficient than it ever has been. AND, you never have to worry about your space being too hot or too cold when you return!

Preventative Measures

Smart HVAC technology also allows for diagnostic monitoring and troubleshooting. This way, home and business owners know when it’s time to call the professionals out for a repair or inspection. With Wi-Fi built in, smart technology can also send you an alert when it’s time for annual or routine maintenance, so your system stays running smoothly and lasts much longer.

The shift in popularity of smart HVAC technology goes hand-in-hand with the millennial generation. It is not, however, only limited to this age group. Studies show that at least 64% of American adults own smart phones, and the number is continuing to rise. Gone are the days of skepticism surrounding any kind of new-age technology that seemed more like a dream than a reality. Smart technology is here to stay, and as more and more generations adapt and grow with it, its dependability will continue to grow as well.

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