Common Problems With Commercial Air Conditioners

There are several reasons that a commercial air conditioner may not function properly. These could include a faulty thermostat. A bad thermostat could cause the air conditioner to come on or shut off more often than it should. It could mean that the air conditioner is not doing the job as well as it should be and that it is ultimately costing more money to run. This is typically a simple fix but could cause a great deal of problems for the proper use of the unit.

Another possible and common issue relating to an air conditioner is if the unit is not properly ventilated. If there is too much around the air conditioner and it isn’t getting enough air, it could malfunction or overheat. Making sure the area is clear of all items that could stop the air conditioner from working properly is important. This also includes the indoor ventilation system that runs to and from the air conditioner. Vents that are not properly set up, that are blocked by items or that have filters that are full of debris can cause the unit to work poorly.

An air conditioner that has a great deal of debris, has not been oiled and cared for and has not been tuned up can stop working as efficiently. This can be easily remedied by having a professional such as those at Corporate Mechanical come in regularly to service the unit. This also gives us a chance to see if there is any potential problems headed your way with the unit and address them or repair your air conditioner unit before it gets out of hand.

If an air conditioning unit is working too hard to heat and/or cool a space, it can cause it to be less effective. This could happen if the space it is trying to move air in is too big. Making sure that you are using an air conditioner that is appropriate for the commercial space it is in will help it to work better.

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