The Benefits of Getting a Commercial HVAC Retrofit

The Benefits Of Getting a Commercial HVAC Retrofit

There is not a company in the world that is not looking to save energy and money. Those with older heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may want to replace their entire system, but might find the cost prohibitive. Luckily there is a way to save energy and costs by retrofitting your current system with add-on components. Here are some of the benefits to this practice.

Energy Saving and More

Energy savings are certainly a big benefit, but there is more that you can get out of retrofitting your system. For one, you can squeeze more life out of the old unit, which means saving your capital dollars for other things. You can also continue using the refrigerant that is already in your current unit, so there is no need to purchase any more. These retrofit add-ons will also help your HVAC system run more efficiently, which means it will heat your building faster and with less cost.

Retrofitting Options

Here are some of the different options you have for retrofitting your HVAC system. You can install more efficient screw compressors. This will lessen the amount of energy used in chilling the building. You can also use air-side economizers. These components will use outside air to help with cooling your building, as opposed to refrigerant. Supply fan speed controls assist with monitoring how hard the system works by allowing you to adjust the fan speeds to suit the time of year and the climate.

Kits For Retrofitting

Many retrofit components are available in kits. These kits make it simple for a home or building owner to retrofit their system without having to put in a lot of shopping and thought. Some kits are made specifically for certain types of systems, and others will work with any system.

How To Know If Your System Will Benefit From Retrofitting

It is not necessarily about the age of your system to decide whether it needs retrofitting. If your system is running long hours in a day, then you will save more money through retrofitting. Or, you may simply notice that your energy bills keep increasing. No matter what your situation, you can always call in a professional to inspect your system and discuss your retrofitting options.

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