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Minneapolis HVAC Upgrades

Corporate Mechanical Offers Professional HVAC Upgrades in the Minneapolis Area.

If you are experiencing unpredictable temperature control, your HVAC system could be to blame and you might want to consider an upgrade. With your specific requirements in mind, the experts at Corporate Mechanical will uncover your particular problem and will upgrade your system with the highest quality technology. HVAC upgrades result in reduction in energy costs and harmful emissions.

HVAC Upgrades

Your HVAC system is something you do not normally think about until you realize it is not working as it should or it has stopped working completely. You will then find yourself scrambling to have it repaired or even replaced. Doing your research and speaking with an HVAC professional before your unit breaks down can help you avoid major complications and financial hardships.

Annual HVAC upgrades will keep your system working longer and more efficiently. Of course, at a certain point, it is not financially prudent to continue servicing a dying unit. It is recommended that a unit that is more than 10-years-old is nearing its end and will result in unnecessary energy costs. Older units are simply not as efficient as today’s Energy Star systems. While you might be tempted to only repair your unit, replacing it could be your best option. On the other hand, if your unit current unit is less than 10-years-old, only certain components may need to be replaced.

Selecting an HVAC System:

Most Minnesotans will need to select a unit that has both an electrical cooling system and a natural gas furnace. Our staff can answer your questions and discuss your best options, basing our opinion on numerous factors. The size of the space that requires climate control is one of the factors dictating the size of the HVAC unit that you will need.


Our HVAC upgrade professionals will not only help you select the right unit to support your business needs; we can ensure it is correctly installed and advise you on maintenance processes. This way, its efficiency will be maintained.

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