How To Maintain Your HVAC System

You may think that your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system does not need regular maintenance, but you would be wrong, even if it is a brand new system. The fact is, not only can your system fail if it is not properly maintained, but the health of the occupants of the building can suffer as well. Besides, HVAC systems are an expensive investment, and there is no reason why you should not protect that investment with regular maintenance. Here are some steps to take when maintaining your system.


Changing the filters regularly may be the single best way to prevent illness and poor air quality. It helps prevent water from pooling and collecting mold and bacteria. Filters are rated using a system called MERV. The higher the rating, the more effective the filter. A clear filter allows the system to more easily cycle air through. If it is clogged, then it will spend more energy pushing air through the system, plus that air will be contaminated by the nasties stuck in the filter.

Do Not Allow Pooling Water

The air conditioner intake is a prime spot for water to collect, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning back the tree line and keeping the roof clear will help keep debris and dirt from getting into the unit. The drain lines that carry condensation away from the unit should also be kept clear and free flowing.

Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning

Evaporator coils collect moisture, which promotes the growth of mold. Air coming into the building passes over those coils as well, meaning contaminated air gets spread throughout the building. Coils should be cleaned using and antimicrobial cleaner. Ultraviolet lights may also be effective in preventing mold. However, most HVAC systems do not come with ultraviolet lights, so they would have to be installed afterwards, potentially using a separate power source.

The best thing for your HVAC system is to keep it running at its best at all times. That means even if it is a brand new system, maintaining it regularly and keeping it clean. This will make sure that the air in the building is not causing illness, and also ensure that the system is running as efficiently as possible.

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