Is Your Commercial Heater Making Strange Noises? Here’s What You Should Do


It’s the middle of winter, and your commercial heater is making strange noises. You’re not sure what to do – should you be worried? This blog post will discuss what you should do if your commercial heater starts making strange noises this winter. We will also provide tips on preventing this from happening first!


One of the most important things to look out for when it comes to commercial heaters is strange noises. If your commercial heater makes odd or unusual sounds, it’s essential to take action immediately.

Your Heater May be Overheating

There can be several potential causes for these strange noises, including issues with the fan, overheating, or problems with the thermostat. To determine what is causing your commercial heater to make these strange noises, you should take it to a professional for an inspection.

Preventative Measures

In addition to detecting and fixing any issues with your commercial heater, there are also steps that you can take to prevent this from happening in the first place. For example, you should always keep your commercial heater clean and well-maintained, as dust and debris can easily get trapped in the fan or other components.


If you are concerned about any strange noises coming from your commercial heater this winter, it’s essential to take action immediately. Whether you do the inspection yourself or consult a professional, being proactive and addressing any potential issues can help keep your commercial heater running all season smoothly.

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