More Ways to Prepare a Building for Winter Weather

People are usually well-versed in ways to winterize their homes, but can sometime neglect to apply the same treatment to their commercial buildings. Understanding the precautions necessary to winterize your commercial property is important to maintaining the operations of your business.

Maintenance for the Building

  • Make sure that gutters have been cleared of any objects, including leafs or other organic material. This ensures proper draining during the cold months.
  • Make sure that nothing is blocking your drains. If moisture is not draining properly in the winter, it could cause significant damage. Inspect and roof flashing penetrations or building envelopes as well, and seal them to prevent water from flowing into the building.
  • Inspect gutters to make sure they are properly attached to the building
  • Make sure any accumulated debris is removed from basement and foundation drains, especially the storm drains in the parking lot.
  • Trim any nearby trees or large shrubs to reduce the amount of leaves or branches that could enter the drains
  • Service your heating equipment early. This will ensure that nothing breaks down when it is being used constantly during the winter.
  • Test all carbon monoxide detectors
  • Discourage the use of space heaters, but in cases where they are permitted, make sure they have a UL label

Removing Ice and Snow

A representative for a Denver roofing company offers the following pieces of advice:

  • Make sure you already have the proper tools before winter. This includes shovels, salt and other material to melt the ice, and anything else necessary to facilitate the removal of snow in your area.
  • Review any contracts you have with the maintenance crew if you have hired one. This will reduce the amount of unanticipated bills later in the winter, and ensure you receive the service you desire.
  • Make sure your exterior lighting works. This makes it much easier to remove ice and snow during the evening when the building is closed for business.
  • Start any parking lot repair before winter begins, especially pot holes and curb damage.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

A spokesperson for Asbestos Abatement in Denver offers the following:

  • Make sure any irrigation system is turned off. This will keep water inside the pipes from freezing.
  • Make sure any wall or attic pipes are sealed to prevent airflow near the opening.
  • Consider a temperature alarm in any high risk areas, and add extra insulation near pipes in your attic or basement
  • If possible, let a sink drip if it happens to be in an extremely cold area (only if the water cannot be drained or turned off).
  • Make sure all your windows and doors have the proper sealant, especially if they are in an unheated area of your property.

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