Why You Should Consider an HVAC Package Unit

We all want to stay cool in hot weather and warm in the cold, but we may not have the space on our property or in our budget to accommodate a traditional HVAC system. There is an alternative, however. A packaged HVAC unit takes up less space, and is more energy efficient than other alternatives. If you want to get the most bang for your buck with your heating and cooling, consider a packaged HVAC system. Here are some of the biggest benefits to this kind of system.

Saves Space

We cannot all live in a spacious mansion. Some of us have limited space in which to live, and using up some of that real estate for an HVAC unit is just not feasible. An HVAC package unit instead gets installed outside your home or even on your roof. That way, you can use that extra space for other things that can add value to your home or provide more living space. Your comfort does not have to come at the expense of you being cramped inside your home.

Easier Maintenance

Usually when you have an HVAC maintenance plan, you are charged an upfront fee for the work, plus an hourly labor rate. The labor costs will be higher depending on how complicated the work is. With a packaged HVAC unit, a technician will not have to go back and forth from the exterior and interior, and will not have to contort themselves getting into tight spaces. There is the one simple unit to work on, which makes things easier for them and therefore much faster. It is also easier for you to spot problems since it is such a simple unit.

Ease of Installation

A packaged HVAC unit is assembled off-site in a climate controlled facility. It is tested before it makes its way to your home so it will work once it is installed. Since it is a single unit, it is incredibly simple to install and start. It will also be cheaper since it will only take a short time for the technician to get everything up and running, reducing those labor costs.

Energy Savings

Having a compact unit to handle all of your heating and cooling needs is the energy efficient choice. One unit does everything, and it doesn’t have to work as hard to get you comfortable. Most units have Energy Star certification, so you know that they will save you money on your energy bills. Multi-unit systems work much harder and expend much more energy.

Versatility and Reliability

While it is a single smaller unit, that does not mean that you cannot choose from the same number of options that a multi-unit offers. You can choose gas, heat pump, or electric. Each choice has its pros and cons, so make sure to discuss with your HVAC professional what option is best for you. Because of its size, it is also versatile. There are more places that you can have it installed, as opposed to a bulky multi-unit system.

Heats and Cools Large Spaces

While it comes in a smaller unit, a packaged HVAC unit can still provide comfort to large spaces, if need be. Not only that, but it will work on those spaces for a fraction of the cost of a traditional unit. A standard packaged unit can cool 12,000 thermal units per hour. That is enough to cool even a large showroom or small warehouse.

There is no reason not to choose a packaged HVAC unit, whether you are moving into a new place, upgrading your business, or upgrading your home. A packaged system provides you with the comfort you need, while also giving you cost and space savings and convenience. Contact a professional today to discuss how your space could benefit from a packaged HVAC unit.

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