8 Tips to Save Energy at the Office

It seem energy bills keep getting higher and higher in both the residential world and the commercial world. By switching to more energy-efficient practices, not only will your wallet benefit but also the environment. Take a look at some of these 8 tips to save energy at the office. Some of them are quick fix, change of habit take the tips, as others are going to take some research finding new energy efficient technologies.

8 Tips to Save Energy at the Office

Use Energy Efficient Appliances.
Look for appliances that have the Energy Star label on them. This is a movement from the federal government that specially marks high-rated energy efficient appliances.

Do Not Use ‘Standby’ Technology.
When leaving the office for the day, be sure that everything is turned completely off and not left on standby mode. Standby keeps the energy flowing into the equipment even when it’s not being used.

Install Window Coverings. The use of blinds or shutters on the windows will help minimize the heat of the sun directly beaming in during the summer. Allowing your AC unit to not have to work harder to keep the air cool. On the flip side, open the shades in the winter to allow the heat and the sunlight in.

Install Motion Sensor Lights. Using a motion sensor type of lighting system in the office can help eliminate energy use from people leaving lights on. This is most practical in break rooms, bathroom and anywhere that would be easy for a turned on light to go unnoticed.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures. Saving water is also another way to conserve energy. Installing water saving faucets can help improve the amount of water used. Also, the use of low-flush or even dual-flush toilets can help keep the water use to a minimum.

Set the Thermostat. Setting the hours and temperatures on your thermostat will help monitor the temperature in your office. While you are present, have the temperature set for what you desire but when you are absent, turn the thermostat down. This will help keep your electric bills down from your heater or AC unit.

Hire a Green Energy Company. There are many utility companies that generate electricity from wind and other green alternative sources. By switching to one of these companies your electric bill may decrease and you will also be helping the environment.

Use Laptops. Your average laptop versus a desktop computer will use less energy and can be more efficient. The idea is to buy the quality computer laptop over and less expensive one.

Taking note of your energy use in the office will help you to better assess the areas in which you can improve. By slowly changing some equipment and habits, you can start to lower the costs of your office energy bills month by month.

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