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Corporate Mechanical is a commercial piping contractor that adheres to rigorous high quality standards, satisfying the most demanding procedures and specifications. We employ experienced pipe fitters who have completed extensive training programs and are certified welders.

The pipes running under and throughout a property are one of the most important parts of a commercial structure, yet few building owners understand how to properly care for their pipes. When you need commercial piping services, working with Corporate Mechanical might be one of the best that you make. We provide a full range of commercial services in the Twin Cities, including repiping, pipe repair and installation.

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Pipe Repair

A modern building requires an extensive pipe system. If you have older pipes that have begun to rust, corrode, or show other signs of damage, it may be advisable to begin repiping. Because of the size and complexity of this job, we recommend using only an experienced, licensed commercial plumber.

Our team of skilled HVAC professionals understand how to approach these projects. We’ll deliver the highest efficiency using the best quality materials. We have the experience to handle any repiping project. Our qualified plumbers pride themselves on the degree of their craftsmanship and strive to operate with only minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Pipe Installation

Because the network of pipes and valves is so complicated, we strongly recommend hiring a licensed professional instead of tackling the job yourself. Corporate Mechanical provides the professional pipe installation services at reasonable rates.

Do not wait until your pipes burst or deliver discolored, foul smelling water to call a piping contractor. If you suspect that your pipes are aging and need repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Corporate Mechanical to schedule an inspection. Being proactive could mean the difference between a minor inconvenience,or an expensive, major overhaul.

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