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Building Automation Services

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Corporate Mechanical builds control systems to fit our customer’s needs providing them with the information and control capabilities required to effectively manage facility support systems. Custom applications include interface to central chillers, plants, krack units, AHUs,RTUs, CUs, VAVs, boilers, generators, snow melt systems, life support systems, advanced lighting, and power metering.

building automation

We install control systems for new construction, remodel, and retro fit projects. Corporate Mechanical performs control system upgrades from existing pneumatic, relay board, and outdated BAS systems. Commonly supported devices utilize Lon, Bacnet, and Modbus languages, as well as, digital and analog signals.

Best of class – true open protocol! Open serviceable control for HVAC security lighting. Trending & power metering without added software. Benefits of a Corporate Mechanical building control system include:

Designed for Change

All of our systems are true open integrated solutions. The Honeywell WEBs eliminates future costly system change-outs & provides cost effective new technology upgrades.


Web enabled technology allows sophisticated, secure remote access.

Increased Flexibility

Communicate to Lon-Works, BACnet MSTP, Modbus and third party protocols.

Open Serviceable

Honeywell WEBs & Tridium AX has the largest local, national & international factory dealer network that insures you a lifetime of cost effective choices for expansion & service.

Corporate Mechanical is highly experienced in the installation of building automation controls and systems. We offer our Twin Cities clients with closely unified, centralized active control. To learn more about our building automation services, call 763-533-3070 or contact us online.

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