Jan 18

How To Plan A Commercial Bathroom Remodel

Guest Post by Elmer Zubiate of On Time Elmer Plumbing specializes in bathroom plumbing, maintenance, emergency repairs, and more in San Antonio, Texas.

These days, a shower isn’t just a shower – it an experience. Bathrooms continue to dominate among the most popular remodeling projects, and the options can be overwhelming. While contemporary and functional design dominate, there also are those who prefer the antique or earthy look. A bathroom remodel can be a tricky investment; planning thoroughly before spending a cent will help you get more bang for your buck.

Water-Saving Fixtures

Water conservation efforts continue to pick up the pace around the country and manufacturers are taking note. Particularly the case in California, the need for water-efficient appliances is more important than ever. In addition to assisting in the water crisis, water-efficient appliances also lower your water bill. For assistance in picking out your fixtures and appliances, look out for the WaterSense label.

Smart Technology

The rise of wireless devices has made it to the bathroom, with showers that come fully equipped with lighting and music and toilets that clean themselves. For examples of where technology has taken us in the bathroom, check out the Optum VorMax by American Standard and the DVD Prompt Digital Showering System by Kohler. As consumers become more technologically savvy, manufacturers will continue to release products that push the envelope. In an ironic twist, while many consumers prefer their bathrooms to have an antique or rustic look, they also want them to incorporate the latest technology.

Creative, Luxurious Touches

Trough sinks are becoming a bigger part of the mainstream in 2016, according to remodeling experts. Not to be confused with a double sink, trough sinks commonly have a vintage look to them. Combining style and functionality, the extended single sink is ideal for couples who are getting ready at the same time. It’s also handy for hand washing larger items like sweaters. Shower seats, bidets and anti-fog mirrors are other unique touches that are growing in popularity during bathroom remodels.

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